Hardware Parts Description

Hardware Parts Description

List of the main hardware components for XenoCube.

  • 20mm x 20mm extrusion bar
  • 8mm drill rod
  • M3 screw set
  • 8mm Threaded Lead Rod 2mm pitch
  • 5mm to 8mm coupler
  • 1/4″ acrylic sheet – This is used for the top and bottom sections as the 1/4″ is perfect fit for extrusion bar.
  • 1/8″ acrylic sheet – This is as the main pieces of glass as when inserted in extrusion bar, it leave a little bit of a gap to allow wire routing.

What Tools will I need?

The following is a list of common tools needed to assemble XenoCube.

  1. Prepping Parts:
    • Drill Bit Set – Including 8mm, 5mm, and 3mm drill bits. Drill the holes on the plastic parts.
    • Metal Chop Saw – Extrusion Bar, Drill Rod, and Threaded Rod needs to be cut.
  2. Frame Construction:
    • Bit Driver – Recommended to save your wrists.
    • Hex Bit Set – Including 3mm Hex, 5mm, Hex, Philips, and Flat head bits.
    • Pliers – Diagonal, and Needle Nose.
  3. Wiring:
    • Wire Stripper – Prepping wire ends.
    • Soldering Iron – Connecting wires together.
    • Wire Crimpers – Connections to PSU and Terminal Blocks.
    • Voltage Meter – Good for checking connections, resist, and well voltages.
  4. Software:
    • Computer – Needed for imaging Raspberry Pi SD card.