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What are the Specifications?

Here is a list of high level Specifications:

  • Fully enclosed
  • Auto-leveling
  • 50mm/s print speed
  • All metal extruder / hotend
  • Host and server in one box, No need to connect anything but power to print.
  • Firmware is powered by Marlin, an open-source, established, reliable Firmware.
  • Host is powered by OctoPi and Octoprint, again, an open-source, established, reliable host/client.
  • Power pull: Idle: .25amps, Warmup: 6amps, Printing: 4amps
  • 300mm x 300mm print bed. (Currently the print arera is 215mm x 215mm x 285mm, until the hotend ducting is updated.

Further Details to come 🙂